Where innovation meets responsibility, inclusivity, and a commitment to a safety world.

IDEAS Science is a dynamic technology development and consulting team providing cutting-edge services to the non-profit sector, government and international research collaborations.

Our focus is on harnessing the potential of digital technologies and developments to promote a safer and more sustainable society.

Innovating of Detection Systems

developing high-performance, multi-threaded monitoring and detection systems for rapid and accurate biohazard and radiation measurements

Development of Climate Services

creating a new generation of people-centered climate services and technologies

Collaborative Scientific Innovations

coordinating and participating in collaborations that advance scientific innovations and technological progress

Science Engagement

empowering both citizens and researchers in environmental observation, climate change impact analysis, and data collection and interpretation

“Pioneering a Safer and Inclusive Future”

We are committed to enhancing social security and promoting an inclusive world where advanced technologies are not the privilege of the few, but the common wealth of all.

We are focused on providing first responders, citizens and local authorities with innovative threat detection technologies and methods for a safer, well-informed and harmoniously connected community.

With our foundations firmly rooted in scientific integrity, our pursuit of open innovation in technology paves the way for a future where advanced security solutions are universally available and empower communities to prosper in a safe and environmentally conscious society.


Developing a new generation of people-centred climate services and technologies that enable citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers to make climate-smart choices that help reduce the impacts of current extreme events and promote resilience to future climate. 


We specialize in creating advanced multi-threaded monitoring and detection systems. Our biohazard measurement solutions and on-site instruments facilitate rapid detection. Additionally, we develop radiation detection and gamma spectrometric devices to bolster CBRNe security.


Our solutions enable responders, citizens, and researchers to analyze bioaerosols, monitor environmental temperatures, and grasp the effects of climate change. We provide platforms, open-source software, apps to encourage community involvement in science to shape local policy decisions.