ICISK: Presentation at the University of Szeged

ICISK: Presentation at the University of Szeged

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Szeged recently hosted an interesting event entitled “Drone Survey for Smart Urban Planning”. The event was part of ongoing efforts in the field of urban development and environmental studies, and demonstrated the remarkable potential of drone technology in urban planning.

Budapest ICISK Living Lab and AirScan collaboration: a step towards smart solutions

At the event, Lőrinc Márkus and Máté Bene from the drone technology company AirScan, our partner in the I-CISK project, presented our experiences and the results of our drone survey conducted in August 2023.

The main objective of the survey was to analyse the heat emissions from different surfaces, such as asphalt, green areas and parks. Using advanced thermal imaging, the drones were able to measure temperatures at specific points with an impressive accuracy of tenths of a degree. This accuracy allows for a wide range of comparisons and measurements and represents a major advance in the study of urban heat islands. The detailed local data provided by such drone measurements can significantly improve our understanding of the urban heat environment.

This project not only demonstrates the practical application of drone technology, but also highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing heat island challenges.